Robin Hood: Men Are Back in Tights!


Meggings? What are meggings? Until last week, I’d never heard of them. I should have known something was amiss when the TV commentator sort of snickered when she announced the upcoming story about meggings. Seconds later, the screen filled with photos of men who were dressed in tights. Had Robin Hood become a fashion icon? Were pointed shoes and feathered hats next?


Alas, this story was not about Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Meggings are a new fashion trend and famous men across America are wearing these brightly colored leggings proudly.


And youngsters laugh at images of 80’s mall hair, cone bras, and disco fashions.  

Now, I should premise this post with one caveat: I’m a born and bred Midwesterner. The men in my family wear Levi’s and whatever is the latest seasonal buy at Kohl’s or JCPenney. And anyone who knows me knows I am not a trend follower either. I wouldn’t know a Manolo Blahnik if one flew off some woman’s foot and the heel took out my eye.


Wait, are Monolo Blahnik’s still fashionable?     


I guess meggings are no crazier than pants with the crotch cut so low as to land somewhere around the knee, or droopy drawers that show off boxers, and only remain aloft by some unexplained force. What ever happened to jeans that hugged a nice male tush? Am I the only one who misses those days?


In a few years, I suspect that the megging-wearing men will beg their mothers to burn all photos of their megging days before they end up on a graduation pegboard or wedding slide-show. I’m just as certain that men bedecked in pantaloons in the days of olde, would probably flush beneath their powdered wigs knowing that ‘pantaloons’ just don’t sound as hot as breeches or trousers on a sexy hero….


Of course, in the days of Robin Hood, he could wear hose without shame. Even green hose! Robin was the manliest of men, and there was just something about the idea of men of that era (questionable bathing practices aside) bedecked in armor and riding upon a great destrier, that is appealing to many women. I’m just guessing here, but six hundred years from now, when photos of men in meggings are passed around by the gals at the moon station, I doubt they will have the same swoon-worthy appeal as a knight in chainmail!


Am I wrong? Tell me what you think!                 







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  1. Good snowy morning! When I wrote this post, I decided to poke a bit of fun at this new fashion trend. After all, as a fashionista from 80’s, I know great fashion! But as a computer illiterate writer, not only did I leave my name off the post, but I forgot to mention my new book coming out on Monday 12/31! Most of all however, my eldest daughter turns 17 today! Happy birthday!

    • Happy birthday to your daughter, and congrats on the new release!!

      Meggings? Yeah…can live without those. Haven’t seen them around the Bay Area yet, but maybe it’ll be one of those trends that girls borrow from boys, and then the boys stop wearing it. (Hopefully.)

      • Thanks Elisa! I’m geeked about the new release, and I’ll pass on the birthday wishes. It’s hard to believe I am Mom to a 17-year-old!

        I haven’t personally seen meggings yet either, but I hear a certain boyish pop star is already sporting a pair or two. I just can’t see my son going that route. He is a jeans and sports shirts kind of kid.

  2. As someone who liked the 80s (as they were happening, anyway–I look at old photos now and wonder if we really looked like that), I feel a little put-upon by the above comments. (But not really.) I did tease my hair, though. 😀

    Meggings, though, that’s a new one on me. I Googled, though. I saw silver and gold sequiny things. Not so so different from the 80s sequined gym shorts.

    Anyone remember MC Hammer pants? Now those were strange.

  3. Yes! I think they were called haram pants. I worked at the airport back then and saw a very tall man (well over six feet) wearing a gold pair. He looked like a genie. I kid you not!

    I permed the heck out of my hair and have the scary tenth-grade yearbook photo to prove it!

  4. Oh, I agree about the pants slung so low you wonder how they are held up, and the pants fashioned with the crotch fitted near to the knee. Is that to mimic the low-slung pants? I always wonder what the women walking beside these men think is sexy about the way their guy is dressed. Especially when the fad of the low-slung pants started in prison! Yes, prisons, where belts are not allowed (considered a weapon)I was also told that’s where rap music started…banging out messages in rhythm to beating on the bars. I definitely like tight jeans on guys that show nice butts! But not meggings. Geesh!

  5. Men have some very odd fashion trends throughout history…super pointy medieval shoes, those lacy Elizabethan collars, boots with huge floppy tops on them…high heeled buckle shoes, mutton chop sideburns…and they call women’s fashions vain and strange! Can’t imagine the meggings trend will catch on…my son wore fishnet tights with his kilt to a Halloween party (don’t ask) and said he couldn’t imagine how women stand wearing tights every day! We. Are. Amazing. That’s how.

  6. Fun images, Kathleen and Lecia! I didn’t know about the prison pants. I remember during some movie, a joke was made about Shakespeare’s collar being used to keep him from chewing out his stitches (like a dog cone!). Too funny. Now every time I see an image of him, I snicker a little bit!

    Didn’t men invent most womens fashions throughout the years? No wonder women are the stronger sex. Men could never wear heels, a whalebone corset, and an oversized head piece, all while carrying a babe on each hip with six more tugging at their skirts, and not throw themselves in front of a coach. Women rock!

  7. Oh ladys dont think that leggings are ONLY for you. I LOVE Leggings and LOVE the way they fit and excentuate the male lower body. I wear for fitting YOGA pant that fit tight through the hips and thighs and flare into a boot cut leg at the bottom. I LOVE me YOGA pants and wear them all the time. They are by far the most comfortable pants persay I have ever wore. Sweats are very nasty how they are all baggy and sag all over the place, they should be outlawed LOL. I know that alot of men are NOT secure enough to even try them on BUT if they ever do they will find out just how wonderfull they are. The hardest thing about wearing Leggings/Meggings is finding a great pair of shoes that look good with them. I must say too that it is time for men to wear some Color, black, grey, and white is WAY WAY over done, give me color.
    One of the ladys earlier had mentioned that they like to see a guys nice butt in tight jeans so tell me how many women wouldnt like to see and Nice Butt and a nice front side being excentuated by a tight pair of leggings.

  8. Woops. Who taught me how to spell-check ‘Grocery’ store? I will be training for my first 10k this year, so maybe by the time June rolls around, I’ll be able to wear leggings or Yoga pants proudly!

  9. Your talk about Men in Meggings took me back to my sons days in High School when they were both on the football team and for the first time in over 20 years had made it to the championship game that is held after the snow is already falling here in New England.

    Besides the snow it was brutally cold and only after much protestations on their parts finally caved and wore some woolen tights I had picked up on a trip years before in Scotland (which also proves that I NEVER throw anything away!).

    Of course before the game when everyone was putting their uniforms on they got lots of kidding but after the game they were all asking how they could get some to wear the next year!

    Just goes to show that sometime mother knows best!

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