The Rogue Returns in January

The Rogue Returns by Leigh LaValle

     Official release date January 13, 2014


Lady Helen Gladstone has siblings to protect and creditors at her door. There’s only one way to stave off disaster—to find the fabled fortune that her deceased brother buried years ago. Her experience with her lying father and gambling brother has left her able to spot a scoundrel at ten paces. Unfortunately, the scoundrel she encounters is a lot closer than that…and he’s planning to make off with her treasure.


After years of exile, Roane Grantham is eager to begin a new life without the law on his heels. First, he needs gold—his gold, buried one drunken night long ago. But he doesn’t count on a petite, bold-as-brass blonde laying claim to his hoard.

Forming an uneasy alliance, Helen and Roane adventure through the high peaks of England, battling treasure hunters, violent storms, and dangerous terrain. But can they escape the growing passion that lays claim to their hearts?


I am really excited for this story to release, in part because I love the characters (silver-tongued rogue meets savvy London lady) and I love the plot (Western action/adventure meets Regency romance). And in part because I feel like I’ve been working on THE ROGUE RETURNS foreeeever.

Indeed, the writing of this book has been interrupted by not just one but TWO pregnancies. I am currently 5 months pregnant, and chasing a toddler, AND wrangling a kindergartener.

The beauty of self-publishing is that I can fit my work schedule around my life. The downfall of self-publishing is that I can fit my work schedule around my life. I know lots of you can sympathize! But we women are resilient and, in the end, after all the hard work, I am REALLY proud of this book.


Look for more information in the next few weeks. Read an excerpt.



                                                                         Leigh LaValle


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The Rogue Returns by Leigh LaValle


The Rogue Returns


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14 Comments on “The Rogue Returns in January
    • Thanks PJ! I’ll have to send you a review copy. They are being formatted today. After The Runaway Countess, in which Mazie was held captive, and many of the scenes took place in the house, this book is on the move :)

    • Thanks Connie! I am excited for the book to release. I love it, though I can’t say I’m the most objective person :-)

    • The male cover model is super yummy- I had to cut his face to match my other covers in the series. It was a shame :)

  1. Just entered your Goodreads giveaway for this book. Love the cover. I’ve never read your work and I can’t figure out why. I do have a copy of The Misbehaving Marquess on my Kindle that I haven’t read yet. Really need to do that and scout out your other work too.

    • The first book in the series is The Runaway Countess, which was nominated for a RWA Golden Heart Award. You can read the books in any order, though the hero in The Rogue Returns book does play a big role in The Runaway Countess. Enjoy!

  2. Oh congrats Leigh!!!!! On the pregnancy and the upcoming release~ It has been forever but life does happen and well, we can’t do nothing about it. I’m so excited to read this book!!!

  3. Congratulations on the upcoming release and upcoming baby! This sounds really good. I’ve entered the contest and added it to my “to read” shelf.

  4. Congratulations on your two new babies! Your book sounds like a Regency “Romancing the Stone!” I look forward to reading it and to hearing more about your self-publishing journey!

  5. Thanks for the excerpt! I’m really looking forward to reading your Rogue Returns!

    Thanks for finding time to write. :-)

    Merry Christmas!!

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