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Archive for November, 2011

Interview & Giveaway with Her Grace Tessa Dare

Known for her sparkling wit and warm characters, Tessa Dare has captured the heart of many Regency readers. Publisher’s Weekly calls her ‘Delightful’, RT calls her ‘Disarming’, and we call her Duchess.

I met Tessa Dare during the 2006 Avon Fanlit writing extravaganza. Her talent shone from the first, and she is generous and hardworking on top of it all. It’s been fun to watch her career take off, with seven novels and two novellas released to great reviews. Today she joins the Duchesses to chat about her new novella ‘Once Upon a Winter’s Eve’.


We will be giving away five copies of ‘Once Upon a Winter’s Eve’ on the blog. Leave a comment below and be entered to win! And join us for titillation, tea and talk on Twitter Wed, Noon EST. We will chat about smugglers, war heroes and giveaway five more copies of her novella.

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Corsets: Not for the Weak

Ah, the corset and the romantic ideal behind a man’s fingers touching as they span around that narrow little waist.  Unfortunately, the ribs also touched and several vital organs got a little too close for comfort as well.  But we’ll get into that in a bit.

To understand the lure of a corset, one must understand the appeal of staying in fashion despite the discomfort to the body.  I myself am a self-professed stiletto wearer.  I know they are terrible for my feet and I know they weaken the ankles and I definitely know too well the exasperated expression on my doctor’s face when I tell him I refuse stop wearing them.  However, I also know nothing makes my calves look more fabulous or compliments a dress quite as nicely as a pair of towering heels.  I am definitely a stiletto wearer for life.  Ladies, I know each of you has to have several pair of painful heels in your closet and at least one underwire bra in your drawer.  So, yeah – you get it too.

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Heating up History

Welcome, Dear Reader, to the inaugural post of the Dashing Duchesses. We are thrilled you have come to call.  Please, won’t you have a seat on the settee? We’ve brewed a delicious blend of tea this morning and there is much to discuss.

Passion is always a timely topic, do you not agree, Dear Reader? We Duchesses are passionate about many things. Scottish men, English men, military men, dangerous men, sensitive men…

But that is a post for another day. Perhaps we shall gossip about heroes November 28 as we have tea with Lady Tessa Dare.  This morning, we would love to chat about another passion of ours- history. Tales of the past, events and ideas and facts that get out blood moving.

Duchesses, do share. Why do you write about history? Why not tales of ghosts or Navy SEALS? Inquisitive minds want to know.

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Welcome to the world of the Duchesses

We are a collection of historical romance authors who love fashion, wit and charming the pants off our heroes. Our books span the ages from medieval castles to World War II fighter planes. Some of us are published and some of us are pre-published, some of us are Golden Heart finalists and some of us rule with a smile. Yet, we are all Duchesses.


Would you like to be a Duchess, too?


Visit us again to find interviews with Tessa Dare, Courtney Milan, Kieran Kramer and Manda Collins among others. Historical fashions shows, movie reviews, polls and giveaways. And just a lot of fun.


You may address us as ‘Your Grace’.


The Duchesses