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Anna Randol Makes Her Curtsey With A SECRET IN HER KISS

It is my privilege and pleasure to introduce you to our very own duchess, Anna Randol. Her debut novel hits the stores January 31, 2012, and it looks like a fabulous read!


Anna Randol

Duchess Ashlyn:  Your debut novel, A Secret in Her Kiss, is getting a lot of love from reviewers. For instance, Publisher’s Weekly named it one of their Top Ten in Romance and called it a “masterful debut… [that] spins a tale replete with mystery, espionage, and memorable romance.” Romantic Times said, “Randol has taken the Regency romance to a new level in an exciting, different setting that will have readers cheering.” How are you feeling about your release tomorrow?


Anna Randol:  It’s so surreal. This book had an incredibly long wait from when I sold until its release date (Two years!), so it’s amazing to think it is finally here. I’m excited to get this story into the hands of readers! I’ve also eaten about my own weight in chocolate to calm my nerves…


Duchess Ashlyn: Two years? Remind me to be patient as I await my own release. Do tell, what kind of chocolate?

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