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Posts Tagged ‘historical clothing’

The Downton Abbey Phenomenon

Downton Abbey, the British TV series, is a huge favorite in the English speaking world.  With sharp dialog, sparkling sets, and fabulous clothes, who doesn’t love the Sunday night extravaganza of opulence and biting rejoinders? Being historically true to its times, it is a favorite of our duchesses.

It is such a phenomenon that Downton Abbey is going to shape what we see and read for the next several years. Ordinarily, we duchesses stick to historical fact. Today, I am going to take us on a journey of futuristic fantasy. Or, more bluntly put, my best guesses. Read the rest of this entry »

The Lady’s Dressing Room with Isobel Carr

Today, the Duchesses are thrilled to have a visit from Georgian historical author, Isobel Carr. Isobel is a former Golden Heart® finalist and her soon-to-be released, Ripe for Seduction, earned a starred review from PW and 4-stars from RT BOOK REVIEWS! 

Her grace, Duchess Isobel is an expert on historical clothing and she’s stopping by to inform us about that delightful subject, the lady’s dressing room, specifically the apron-front gown. I had the pleasure of being in one of Isobel’s historical clothing workshops last summer at the RWA conference and was delighted by the details she shared with us and the items of clothing she passed around for all to see. 

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Corsets: Not for the Weak

Ah, the corset and the romantic ideal behind a man’s fingers touching as they span around that narrow little waist.  Unfortunately, the ribs also touched and several vital organs got a little too close for comfort as well.  But we’ll get into that in a bit.

To understand the lure of a corset, one must understand the appeal of staying in fashion despite the discomfort to the body.  I myself am a self-professed stiletto wearer.  I know they are terrible for my feet and I know they weaken the ankles and I definitely know too well the exasperated expression on my doctor’s face when I tell him I refuse stop wearing them.  However, I also know nothing makes my calves look more fabulous or compliments a dress quite as nicely as a pair of towering heels.  I am definitely a stiletto wearer for life.  Ladies, I know each of you has to have several pair of painful heels in your closet and at least one underwire bra in your drawer.  So, yeah – you get it too.

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